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Delays in Gender-Affirming Medication Prescriptions

Consistent access to gender-affirming medication is important but sometimes there are delays. There are times when people may face the challenge of running out of their medication due to not requesting a prescription refill in time, from stock issues or because monitoring and follow-up is not up to date. This situation causes upset and stress stress and is best avoided.

The Importance of Consistent Medication in Gender Transition

Gender-affirming hormones play a pivotal role in aligning one’s physical characteristics with their gender identity and interruptions are not welcome. They can cause the following effects:

  • Physical Changes: A lengthy pause in hormone therapy can result in physical changes or a slowing down of desired changes. For instance, individuals on testosterone might experience a decrease in masculine characteristics, and those on estrogen might notice changes in feminisation. However, it does take some time for this to become significant or noticeable.
  • Emotional Impact: Hormonal fluctuations can affect mood and emotional stability. An unexpected interruption in hormone therapy can be distressing and exacerbate gender dysphoria.
  • Medical Concerns: For some, abrupt changes in hormone levels or antiandrogens such as spironolactone can have medical implications, so consistency is important.

Reasons for Prescription Delays

Delays in repeat prescriptions of gender-affirming medications can occur due to various reasons:

  • Overlooking Renewal Dates: Busy schedules and life events can lead to missed renewal dates.
  • Pharmacy or Supply Issues: Sometimes, pharmacies may run out of specific medications, or there might be supply chain issues.
  • Healthcare System Barriers: Navigating healthcare systems can be challenging, and delays can occur in processing prescription requests.
  • Monitoring and Follow Up: Blood tests and review sessions are an important part of care and prescribers can be reluctant to issue prescriptions if follow up is long overdue.

Strategies to Avoid Running Out of Medication

Proactive Prescription Management

  • Set Reminders: Use digital reminders or calendars to track when you need to request a repeat prescription.
  • Request Early: Don’t wait until the last minute. Request a repeat as soon as you’re eligible.

Building a Support System

  • Communication: Keep open communication with your healthcare provider. Inform them if you’re running low and need an expedited prescription.
  • Leverage Pharmacy Services: Some pharmacies offer automatic repeats, emergency supplies or reminder services for prescription medications.

Plan for Emergencies

  • Emergency Supply: Discuss with your healthcare provider about keeping an emergency supply, especially if you travel frequently or live in an area with pharmacy access issues. However, this should be for emergencies rather than a routine occurrence.
  • Know Your Options: Understand what to do if you miss a dose or can’t access your medication. If you are running out, reduce your daily dose so that you have a lower dose rather than none at all.

Coping with Interruptions

If you do find yourself without your medication:

  • Stay Calm: Understand that while not ideal, a short interruption won’t have long-term effects.
  • Seek Support: Reach out to friends, support groups or mental health professionals if you’re feeling distressed.
  • Get Back on Track: Once you have your medication again, resume your regular regimen as advised.


Consistent access to gender-affirming medication is a key aspect of the transition journey for many transgender and non-binary individuals. By being proactive and establishing a solid plan for prescription management, the risks of running out of medication can be significantly reduced. Remember, if you encounter challenges with your medication, reach out for guidance and support.

Updated on January 12, 2024

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