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How Much Does Your Service Cost?

GenderGP’s services involve six main charges. The £195 set-up fee, paid initially, is followed by mandatory Consent Sessions, including a one-off Information Gathering Session (£65) and then £30 Follow-Up Sessions every six months. There may be additional sessions required for people with more complex needs.

The fees that were once payable for pharmacy fees have been replaced by a £15 referral fee if you need the services of one of the independent prescribers and this includes the electronic prescription they send you. If you need a paper prescription to be printed, signed and posted to you, the fee is £20.

If your doctor is willing to prescribe for you then we are able to give them our recommendations and no charge is payable.

Blood test costs vary, depending on your needs and whether they are conducted via your own doctor or paid for privately. Blood testing costs are determined by the pathology services.

Medication costs are also variable, depending on which medicines you are prescribed and also the dispensing method you choose. The cost of medication is determined by the pharmacies.

While most necessary letters are covered by the monthly subscription, some specific types may incur additional fees.

Lastly, all members are required to pay a £30 subscription fee every 28 days (13 annual payments) to access our services and recommendations.

Updated on April 2, 2024

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