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Service Update from Dr Webberley – Founder of GenderGP 

Dear Members, I wanted to personally share some information about GenderGP – the past, the present and the future! I started GenderGP in 2015 when I met my ‘first’ transgender patient whilst working at a GP Surgey in Wales. I soon realised that the care that trans people were receiving was severely lacking, and that many people were actually facing frank prejudice, discrimination and harm. I made it my mission to help improve the care of trans people across the world, and so GenderGP was born.

The number of people we have been able to help has escalated and we now help over 12000 active members from over 40 different countries. We have faced our challenges, and have had our ups and downs, but we are firmly behind what we stand for. We believe that every trans person has the right to be able to access gender-affirming care, when they are ready for it, and to receive care that is empathetic, safe and supportive.

The demand for the services that GenderGP provides has always been just  about higher than the team can manage, and although we are tremendously proud of what we have achieved, we understand that many of you have to wait for answers and responses and appointments and prescriptions, when you want a reply straight away.

Over the years several updates to the systems have been made, always focusing on automation and efficiency and helping as many people as possible, as swiftly as possible and as safely as possible while keeping prices low. Our fees have not increased in all the time we have been alive!

We are aware that our members are currently facing an increased waiting time for responses, and as a result, we have once again updated our systems to help you get what you need sooner.

As a result of this, to help you more efficiently, new intake forms have been developed, to help you provide the information that is needed, all in one go and allow your request to be processed with ease.

We have also created this Knowledge Base with all the information from your most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find your answer and need personalised advice then we have team of lovely people waiting to talk to you.

We have taken the brave move to turn off our open access Help Desk which takes so much of ours and our time, going back and for with messages – we are working on a system to automate the answers you need.

Please visit our updated Help Centre to get the solution you need in our new and automated way.

Wishing you all the very very best, Dr Helen Webberley – Founder of GenderGP

Updated on March 5, 2024

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