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Supporting Family and Friends During a Period of Transition

We understand the importance of support from family and friends during the journey of gender affirmation, and recognises that explaining the process and implications of being prescribed gender-affirming medication can be challenging. To facilitate this, we offers a range of resources and support designed to assist in communicating effectively with your loved ones about gender-affirming care:

Educational Resources: We provide accessible information on our websites, including articles, blogs, and FAQs that explain gender-affirming care, the purpose and effects of gender-affirming medication, and the overall process involved. These resources can serve as a helpful starting point for discussions with family and friends.

Guidance Documents: Specifically tailored guidance documents or pamphlets that outline the gender-affirming care process, medication effects, and what to expect can be invaluable. These can be shared directly with your family and friends to help them understand the journey you’re undertaking.

Family and Friends Support Sessions: We offer support sessions or counselling services designed for the family and friends of transgender and non-binary individuals. These sessions provide a safe space to ask questions, express concerns, and gain a deeper understanding of gender diversity and the significance of gender-affirming treatment.

Video and Webinar Content: Educational videos and webinars are an engaging way to convey information. We host online sessions covering various aspects of gender-affirming care, which you can watch together with your loved ones.

Community Support Groups: Connecting your family and friends with support groups for the loved ones of transgender and non-binary individuals can be incredibly beneficial. These groups often share experiences, insights, and advice that can foster understanding and empathy.

Personalised Consultations: For more specific concerns or questions, arranging a personalised consultation with a knowledgeable specialist could provide your family and friends with the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and gain reassurance from a medical expert.

Testimonials and Personal Stories: Reading or listening to testimonials and personal stories from other individuals and families who have gone through similar experiences can offer comfort and relatability, showing your family and friends that they are not alone in their journey of understanding and support.


We are committed to supporting not only individuals seeking gender-affirming care but also their families and friends who play a crucial role in their support system. By utilising the available resources and support, you can help your loved ones understand the significance of gender-affirming medication and the positive impact it can have on your well-being and happiness.

Updated on January 25, 2024

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