Unwanted Effects of Cypropterone

The table below lists the known side effects, but some of these effects may actually be the desired therapeutic effects in certain medical contexts.

It’s important to understand that people can have varying responses to medications, and what one person experiences may differ from another. If a specific side effect is not listed, it’s less likely to be directly caused by the medication, but this does not rule out the possibility entirely.

In cases where you suspect a medication may be causing an unwanted effect, adjusting the medication, trying an alternative treatment, or discontinuing the medication can help clarify whether the side effect is medication-related or has another underlying cause.

Side Effects
Very Common (> 10%)
– Decreased Libido
– Erectile Dysfunction
– Changes In Bodyweight During Long Term Treatment (Chiefly Weight Gains In Association With Fluid Retention)
– Depressive Moods And Restlessness (Temporary)
– Direct Liver Toxicity
– Hepatitis And Liver Failure Has Been Observed In Patients Treated With Cyprostat. At Dosages Of 100 Mg And Above
– Gynaecomastia / Breast Growth
– Hot Flushes
– Sweating
– Tiredness And Lassitude.
– Rash
Rare (< 0.1%)
– Galactorrhoea And Tender Benign Nodules
– Allergic Reactions
– Meningioma. The Occurrence Of Meningiomas (Single And Multiple) Has Been Reported In Association With Use Of Cyproterone Acetate
– Benign And Malignant Liver Tumors Which May Lead To Life-Threatening Intra-Abdominal Hemorrhage
Unknown Frequency
– Anaemia During Long-Term Treatment
– Osteoporosis (Due To Long-Term Androgen Deprivation)
– Reduction Of Sebum Production
– Increased Growth Of Scalp Hair
– Lightening Of Hair Colour And Female Type Of Pubic Hair Growth
– Suppression Of Adrenocortical Function
– Thromboembolic Events Although A Causal Relationship Has Not Been Established
Updated on February 6, 2024

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