Unwanted Effects of Finasteride

The table below lists the known side effects, but some of these effects may actually be the desired therapeutic effects in certain medical contexts.

It’s important to understand that people can have varying responses to medications, and what one person experiences may differ from another. If a specific side effect is not listed, it’s less likely to be directly caused by the medication, but this does not rule out the possibility entirely.

In cases where you suspect a medication may be causing an unwanted effect, adjusting the medication, trying an alternative treatment, or discontinuing the medication can help clarify whether the side effect is medication-related or has another underlying cause.

Side Effects
Very Common (> 10%)
– Impotence (Up To 18.5%)
Common (1%-10%)
– Gynecomastia / Breast Growth
– Erectile Dysfunction
– Ejaculation Disorder
– Testicular Pain
– Male Infertility And/Or Poor Seminal Quality
– Decreased Libido
– Dizziness
– Sleepiness
– Edema / Swelling
– Postural Hypotension / Low Blood Pressure
– Hypotension / Low Blood Pressure
Uncommon (0.1%-1%)
– Breast Tenderness
– Breast Enlargement
– Rhinitis
– Dyspnea / Trouble Breathing
Rare (< 0.1%)
– Rash
Very Rare (< 0.01%)
– Cutaneous Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis
– Solitary Fixed Drug Eruption
Unkown Frequency
– Erectile Dysfunction Has Been Reported To Continue Beyond Treatment Discontinuation. Normalization Or Improvement Of Seminal Quality Has Been Reported After Withdrawing Finasteride Treatment.
– Finasteride May Cause A Decrease In PSA Levels In Patients With Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia As Well As In Patients With Prostate Cancer. In One Study Mean PSA Reductions Of 50% Were Noted Regardless Of Baseline Levels. There Was No Indication That PSA Levels Were Further Suppressed In Patients With Prostate Cancer.
– Prevention Or Delay In The Appearance Of Prostate Cancer
– Increased Risk Of High-Grade Prostate Cancer
– Asthenia / Weakness
– Depression
– Headache
– Increased Liver Enzymes
– Nausea
– Flatulence / Wind
– Abdominal / Stomach Pain
– Pruritus / Itching
– Urticaria / Itching
– AngioEdema / Swelling
– Reductions In Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Levels Of Approximately 50%
– Hematospermia / Blood in Semen
– Palpitations
– Pruritus / Itching
– Urticaria / Itching
– AngioEdema / Swelling (Including Swelling Of The Lips, Tongue, Throat, And Face)


Updated on February 6, 2024

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